SHCA Mission

Sage Hill Community Association is a vibrant organization, that acts upon the common interest and concerns of the community members and its diverse residents.

SHCA Vision

By 2023 Sage Hill will become a recognized association inclusive of all members by providing a united voice, recreational activities and creating respectful neighborhoods. We will strive to be a safe & diverse community which attracts businesses and social activities that unite residents.

SHCA Values
  • We value the integrity of the board
  • We will be inclusive
  • We will value and respect our guiding documents (i.e. the Societies Act, our Bylaws)
  • We will be accessible to the residents of Sage Hill
  • We value the participation of all Sage Hill Residents

The Sage Hill Community Association (SHCA) is registered as a 'not-for-profit' under the Societies Act of Alberta, and proudly serves the residents of Sage Hill.  The SHCA is run by the board, a group of dedicated and elected neighborhood volunteers who organize, manage and promote social and recreational events in the community. The SHCA also advocates our community interests to various levels of government and stakeholders ensuring ensure our interests and concerns are represented.  Essentially we are the voice of the people in our community.

Board members are elected to a two-year term in April at our AGM.  The board holds ten meetings annually and any member interested in learning more is not only welcomed but encouraged to attend our meetings.

*The Sage Hill Community Association (SHCA) is not responsible for seasonal maintenance nor are we affiliated with the Sage Hill Residents Association (SHRA).  If you have concerns regarding the affairs of the SHRA please visit their website at www.shra.ca*

Board of Directors

Ross Utigard


Adam Loria

1st Vice President

Steph Wing

2nd Vice President





Beverly Sherban

Director 1

Sarah Jamieson

Director 2

Emmananuel Akinlabi

Director 3


Director 4


Director 5


Director 6


Director 7


Past President/Director 8

The SHCA Board has many committees and sub-committees, each focused on a particular aspect of the community and is chaired by a Board Member. These committees can always use more help and the time commitment is less than being a Board Member. If you are interested in learning more about the committees, members are welcome to attend a Board meeting.

Membership & Fundraising Committee

I.T. & Communications Committee

Events & Sports Committee

Development & Safety Committee

Special Projects Committee


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