The name Sage Hill comes from two significant Northwest landmarks which this community was known for.

The word “Sage” comes from the common sage plant, which used to fill the abundant green spaces in farmers fields. Today, this symbol can be seen throughout our community. “Hill” comes from the rolling hills, which spanned between Symons Valley and 144th Street through to Mountain View Road. It was not long before the area transitioned from rich farming and ranching land to suburban Sage Hill (2008) and, though both the sage and the hills were long gone, the name and the history are still an important part of the area. Dating back to 1989, Sage Hill was once a large farming community, at which point the city of Calgary announced future development and annexed land to 144th Street.

Although the farmers are long gone, Sage Hill remains a hub but now of suburban activity and one of Calgary’s most popular residential communities with lots of green spaces, natural ravines, ponds, and a thriving commercial district.  The Sage Hill Community Association was established on July 23, 2013 to serve the residents during the massive growth.  Today, Sage Hill continues to grow and reinvent itself and our Community Association now represents the residents of Sage Hill, Symons Gate, Sage Meadows, and Sage Crest including the commercial districts of Sage Hill Plaza, Sage Hill Crossing, and Sage Hill Quarter.



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