Community Soccer


The official soccer provider for Sage Hill Community Association.


The demand for a higher level of soccer development and opportunity in the Calgary market has been the driving force behind establishing a better brand in FC Metro. It is our aim to create a recognized Club Culture that will continue to raise the standard of excellence of soccer in the City of Calgary to the highest attainable level.

Through innovative leadership, we will strive to instill sportsmanship and respect through a structured high quality program that focuses on developing Players, Coaches and Teams of all ages and skill levels to optimize their potential.


FC Metro is committed to creating an environment that is safe, supportive and enjoyable that is conducive to learning the core soccer skills that will enable Players, Coaches and Teams to maximize their experience and potential while also creating opportunities on a multitude of levels both short and long term while continuing to foster their love for the worlds greatest game.


The creation of FC Metro was a direct result of the realization that there is a demand for a higher standard of play in the Calgary market with a recognizable brand.

Our Technical Directors hold Canadian and European License designations (CSA and UEFA) and are themselves, proven products of the game of soccer. They not only push to better all those around them, but themselves as well as they continuously strive to further their personal standards and knowledge to better themselves as Coaches.

Registration information for soccer can be found on the FC Metro registration website, via


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